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Things to Look for When Taking a High School Tour

Choosing the right high school can be a difficult decision and this will have a big impact on the personal and academic development of the student. There are many options you can consider when choosing a high school. But after considering all the factors, you need to visit the high school to make the final decision.

There are school tours provided by private high schools Sunshine Coast that will help you understand the culture of the school and give you an opportunity to explore the school grounds and facilities. You can make an informed choice on which high school will be a better fit by going on this tour. An important consideration for choosing a high school is their academic programmes. Consider the curriculum offered by the high school. They should offer a diverse range of courses so that there are subjects of interest to different students. And there should also be a variety of extracurricular activities offered. When you go on the tour, you need to ask questions about their honours classes, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programmes. This will give you an idea of the wealth of academic opportunities offered to the students at the school and whether the school offers a challenging curriculum that allows the students to go into their preferred career paths.

You will be provided a tour of different facilities of the school.

Consider the condition of the gymnasium, library, laboratories, classrooms etc. Check whether the students are provided with a variety of resources such as diverse learning materials, access to updated technology and sports equipment. Are the school grounds well-maintained? Consider the environment of the school and how this can improve the students’ learning experience. There are also certain student support services that can help students emotionally and academically. High school is a challenging time and you need to make sure that the school provides sufficient resources to support the students and guide them. Check whether there are counselling and guidance programmes that will help students prepare for college and plan their academics. This will also help their personal development. You can also check if the high school supports students with learning differences.

Consider the extracurricular opportunities provided to the students.

Are they many sports teams, clubs and art programmes that students can take part in? These are very important so that students can explore their interests and find out things that they are skilled at. You should also consider the security measures employed by the school. Some of the methods used are emergency preparedness, access control and supervising the common areas of the school. You can ask what measures have been put in place by the school to prevent bullying. The students should be able to learn and grow in a supportive environment. Check the size of the classes so that you can get an idea of the teacher-student ratio. With smaller classes, students will be able to receive individualised attention from the teachers which will allow the education provided to be more personalised.

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